New growth this spring!

Welcome to my Bazaar!

While the beginning of this online adventure are a little rough around the edges, I feel like I'm making headway in getting it together!

But anywho...

Hi! I'm Erin, also known as Ms. Lola! I have been a handmaker in some form or another for as long as I can remember, but the last few years of my life have seen this part of my life grow exponentially. In trying to live the artist hustle lifestyle, I'm finally getting on the online component to that whole effort, which is mostly starting here.

The items on this website will vary quite a bit. I do a little bit of everything, whenever the mood strikes. My passions mostly lie in needlework--hand embroidery, goldwork, ribbon embroidery, stumpwork and more! But I also do a lot of sewing (mostly bags and accessories), jewelry making, lace making, enameling and on and on and on...

So as I get around to really catalouging all of these little creations, more and more will pop up for your perusal (and perhaps a few will even find a new home with you!)

I also do a lot of vending and selling in and around the Buffalo, NY area! As summer comes, the events section here will hopefully get more and more place to come out and say hi and look at everything in person!

In addition to all of these little items, I mostly specialize in custom work--embroidering custom pieces, modifying and repairing existing pieces you love and want to keep and any specific jewelry/accessory ideas you can dream up!

So thank you for taking a look! I hope you'll keep coming back to check out what's new and what's different every so often!

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